This simple recipe is designed with irrigated Arbequina olives, in our case from L’Horta de Lleida.

Follow these simple tips:

  1. We harvest the Arbequina olives and separate them by ripening color. the more ripe olives (forks) can be consumed sooner.
  2. Clean the olives with chlorine-free water (bottled).
  3. We fill a glass jar with olives.
  4. Add chopped garlic.
  5. If we like aromatic herbs we can add a sprig of thyme, rosemary or fennel.
  6. We can salt the water, with salt without iodine, and put a tablespoon for each liter.
  7. We just filled the jar of olives with salt water.
  8. Cover the jars tightly and store them in a closed place with little light.
  9. We wait to consume the olives for 3 months.
  10. Good profit!

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