In the summer of 2017, the Association for the Interpretation of the Horta de Lleida was created.

This association linked to Granja Pifarré set some goals set out in its foundation. Among them, to propose a new agrarian and pedagogical offer where to teach the history of the Lleida Orchard in an authentic way and in a very significant environment.

Also to disseminate the different values ​​that the Horta de Lleida peasantry has accumulated over time. Values ​​such as the agricultural tradition itself, brotherhood, sharing and cooperating.

On the other hand Granja Pifarré is also part of the Association of Producers of Horta de Lleida.

For this reason some of the activities proposed by the entity will be aimed at highlighting the local products of Horta and the its quality when these are made by people and families who love the territory.

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