Pifarré Family

Centenary tradition of L’Horta de Lleida

We are a peasant and cattle-raising family from L’Horta de Lleida with an agricultural activity with a centuries-old and historical tradition that has occupied the 19th, 20th and the beginning of the 21st century following agricultural and livestock activities.

We treasure the experience of the field, the traditions and the technological changes of the last times that we can explain in the first person, with family experiences and in the same environment where the Pifarré Farm has been implanted for more than five generations. We challenge ourselves to cultivate the countryside or, rather, we want to offer #AGROCULTURA de l’Horta de Lleida. Emphasizing tradition and local products.

Granja Pifarré members

Pere Pifarré Rovira

Montserrat Vidal Marquès

Carles Pifarré Vidal

Joan Pifarré Vidal

Pere Pifarré Vidal

Origins and News

Discover the origins and objectives of Granja Pifarré

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