In the field, best immunological system

The digital newspaper El Comercio published a study from Ohio State University which states that children living near a farm have a better immune system.

“A healthy environment robs our immune systems of the opportunity to be educated by microbes”, emphasize researchers at Ohio State University,” Good hygiene is important, but from the perspective of our immune systems, a healthy environment in our immune systems the opportunity to be educated by microbes, “said the experts, who collected fecal samples from ten babies between six months and one year old who lived near farms, and five children who they had no contact with animals.

Babies who spend their childhood in an environment close to animals, such as on a farm, develop a stronger immune system than those who do in a city. This has been verified by a team of researchers from Ohio State University (USA) who have published the results of their study in the journal ‘Frontiers in Immunology’..º

The samples revealed important differences, especially a wide variation of microbes and a large number of beneficial bacteria in the feces of infants living in contact with animals, compared to those living in cities.

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